Saber Street offers principal sponsored (we co-invest with you as owners) or third-party fee development services for outpatient and inpatient healthcare real estate. Common facility types we develop include medical office buildings and hospitals, with interior uses including but not limited to clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging facilities, labs, pharmacies, emergency rooms and inpatient units, among many others. Whether it is a core & shell project or involves interiors, Saber Street provides a comprehensive development management service including but not limited to coordination of architectural and civil design, general contractor selection and construction/loan draw management until we receive the certificate(s) of occupancy for the project in question – on budget and on time.


With a live feed on the pulse of our unique market here in Houston, our leasing professionals combine expertise, boots on the ground and industry knowledge to stay two steps ahead of the competition and provide our clients a sound, effective strategy to lease up their real estate. We will create a custom-tailored plan of attack to approach each individual asset. With a creative, problem-solving oriented mindset and a persistent focus, our team repeatedly delivers results.

Property Management

Saber Street’s property management platform is a collaborative, coordinated effort by our team of talented, highly trained individuals to professionally and efficiently operate our clients’ real estate properties while at the same time fostering harmony between clients and their respective tenants.  Being owners of real estate ourselves, we understand the intricacies of day-to-day operations as well as the consequences if any issues that come up are either not resolved properly or within an acceptable time frame.  Customer service and attention to detail are the core values by which we define our business; let us know if we can be part of your team.

Investment Management

Our investment management platform is a comprehensive, process-oriented service which enables our clients and owners to make informed business decisions regarding healthcare real estate which they own. Is it time to refinance or sell the building? Should we sign a lease with this ASC tenant without institutional health system credit? Where can we find suitable equity/debt for our project? Should we make a cash distribution to our investors this quarter? Our expertise helps our clients understand investment strategies and hold periods, equity and debt capitalization, medical tenant operations and the many other complexities associated with owning an income-producing healthcare real estate asset.


Our consulting allows us to advise you on any aspect of the healthcare real estate business. We’ve helped clients plan, model, structure, capitalize and execute healthcare real estate developments and acquisitions from soup to nuts. From high-level strategic advice, pro forma modeling and debt/equity negotiations to actual execution of each and every requirement to closing, Saber Street offers a complete toolset to achieve your endgame within budget and on time.